Middle Aged Manor

My Home is my Sanctuary. I have lived here for 30 years and raised my two Daughters Rachel and Sean here.

It was a mess that I couldn’t afford to repair or update for over two decades. The yard was a jungle. The roof leaked. The kitchen and bathrooms were the original 1960’s finishes (so stylish).

Slowly over the last five years I have transformed it. A beautiful kitchen and bathroom renovation. Newly refinished original hardwood floors. New paint and a few smoothed ceilings. The popcorn is slowing being exiled. The one third acre yard is now an oasis.  A pollinator garden was put in for our dearly departed dog Wally. He loved to lay out in that area so it was set up as a tribute. Buddha’s and a Lakshmi bird bath and other ornamental pieces were added. Azaleas, hydrangea, sod and decorative plantings replaced the ugly bare yard that originally was covered in ivy. The broken down screened porch became a place for Bella and I to meditate and rest and listen to the birds and watch the squirrels and rabbits.

I recently named this place Middle Aged Manor. My girls have places of their own so it is just Bella and I but on Sundays the Manor is filled with love and laughs and food when my 93 year old Mom and my girls come for Sunday Supper!  Namaste, GG